Friday, October 7, 2011

♫'re scared like me...♫

Day 7 - A personal Supernatural Experience

I've already written about the haunted house I used to live in...
So, it would feel a little redundant to write about either one of those experiences again.

Luckily, there's not short supply of crazy around here. 

In April of 2009, over two consecutive, humid, spring nights, a series of unexplained events plagued my house...well, plagued me and was egged on by Brother #2 (Brother #2 is Ben, and I think I'm just going to call him Ben from now on because I don't feel the need to protect the identity of the person who jumped out of the shower and scared the hell out of me today).

Background: I had been doing some major spring cleaning and rearranging my room...because of this, I was spending the night in the living room...oh, and...yes, I do put my cat on a leash.
These were entires into the journal I kept at the time:

Entry One - Night One:

Okay. I'm really FREAKED OUT at the moment.
I am sitting in the living room, writing and watching TV because it's cooler in here and I've been cleaning my room all day (so I can't fit in there at the moment), and Aslan has been chillin' with me for most of the night. However, he woke up and decided that he wanted to go out for a few minutes. I picked him up and headed out the back door (which is in the upstairs living room, where I am). I reached for his harness, to strap him in and let him run wild, but before I could unclasp it I heard this sinister and deep growl coming from my left. I was on the back porch and it sounded like it was on the other side of the porch (the porch is about 4 steps up from the ground). It was scary as hell! It wasn't Zander, as he is in Ben's room. It didn't totally sound like a dog either. It was freaky as hell and now I'm well and truly freaked and still sitting in here beside the door!!!!

Okay, Zander just ran in here growling and barking at the backdoor. Needless to say, I jumped up, ran into Ben's room and FREAKED! I had to run back and get my laptop and now I'm sitting in Ben's room on his bed. Still freaking out. Ben says it was a zombie. Of course.

***Edit 5:40am*** We are all back in the upstairs living room/kitchen area and Ben just heard something a screech. He described it as a bird of death...and he just freaked me out EVEN MORE by saying, "There's something out there, and it wants us dead." I'm going to KILL HIM. ***End Edit***

****Edit 8:18am*** Mr. Darcy (the stray I've unofficially adopted), Aslan and Zander have ALL THREE gone over to the side of the porch sniffing and making a fuss where I heard that 'thing' last night/early this morning. I have Aslan on guard outside by himself, as Zander has chased Mr. Darcy off for the 2nd day in a row. ****End Edit****

Entry Two- Night two:
Weird happenings going on around our's 2 acres so we really can't tell what is going on...just weird. 
***Edit 11:29pm*** Still Alive/not 'rounded up' by the government, for now.***End Edit***

Entry Three - Night Two:
May I please have one night free of terror filled drama? Pretty please with what's left of my sanity on top?
Yes, we had another interesting night here at the *insert real last name here* compound. 
Let me preface this story by filling you in on the geography of said 'compound'. Our back yard consists of 2 acres, sparsely inhabited by various large and lovely trees, a very neglected Scuppernong vine, a small pond (with bubbling fountain and several happy little koi fish), various herb and vegetable gardens, a small shed, and a fence surrounding the entire area. Behind our property are a few large trees, a walking track, playground and Elementary school.
The drama (re: first stirrings of the coming zombie apocalypse) began with sirens wailing and coming to a stop at the Elementary school. That in and of itself did not seem out of the ordinary, as the police in my small town enjoy pulling people over in that particular area. However, other flashy lights seemed to join it after a long period of time. Shortly after that, Josh, peering out the large back window, noticed several people running through the darkness away from the school. The windows were up and we began to hear strange noises again...including that horrid moaning type noise again. The lights stopped flashing, but some kind of sound, that seemed to be a machine running was now coming from the school. The manly men of our house were going to drive towards the school to see what was going on, but decided against it. Creepy little sounds continued, and Ben and I decided to watch a movie, as the parentals had shuffled off to bed. After the first two previews our power suddenly shut off. There was no rain. The wind was barely blowing. It just shut off and we were plunged into total darkness and surrounded by the creepy sounds of our backyard. It was horrific. 
Thankfully the power came back on after a few minutes. 
I've had acid churning in my stomach ever since. I can't sleep. I've been up for about 24 hours at this point.
Also, I think something is wrong with Aslan because his behavior is becoming more and more...insane! He has NEVER acted like this and now he won't sleep beside me and he bites at me. He's not acting normal at all. He normally is a cuddle bug, and now he does not like being held at all...he just wants to be outside on the porch...which he can't be constantly. I'm worried and frustrated...and sleepy and broke.
OH! Did I mention that someone CONTINUOUSLY slows down ever so slightly outside my house EVERY morning at 2:30/3:00am and then speeds off. It's creepy. 
As if I NEED more creepy. Geeze.
Entry Four - The Next Day:
About half an hour after I posted my last entry the power finally went out. The entire neighborhood was swallowed in a thick blanket of blackness...and terror :ominous music:
I do not like being plunged into total darkness when I am:
1. Wide awake, thanks to my cat...and unable to put him outside due to the 'winds of hell'
2. Unable to sleep because I can't turn my fan on.
3. Unable to find a lighter or candles.
4. Forced to spend those darkend hours in only the presence of my younger brother, Josh.
So, as soon as the lights went out, I used the light from my laptop to find my cellphone. I then used my cellphone to stumble through the house to find matches and candles. Then I stumbled back to my room and lit said candle and sat in the creepiness of the candle flickering dimly in the darkness. 
Finally, I heard Josh shuffling around in the living room and saw that he had the halogen lamp (from my parent's camping supplies) on, so I made my way into the living room. The wind was blowing violently through the windows in the living room, causing the Venetian blinds to whip around loudly. I sat with Josh, thankful for how bright the lamp was, when I heard a chilling noise from outside. It was a low, bone chilling, moaning. We heard it twice. To top that, the lamp was beginning to dim and Josh decided to go to sleep downstairs....leaving me by myself.
The night pressed in around me. I freaked out. I spent the next two hours in the bathroom with the lamp and a very big knife...waiting for the sun to come up.

We never really found out what was going on...Probably a possum and some of our rowdy neighbors...but at the time it was creepy...especially if you add in the fact that I was exhausted from school and was probably taking waaaaaaay too many caffeine pills.



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