Wednesday, October 12, 2011

♫...You dress up for Armageddon...♫

Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the entire year. More than Christmas. More than Thanksgiving. More than my own birthday. I get a huge thrill out of decorating everything all spooky and planning my costume. That's what mega hard, super sucks about being unemployed. Not only am I not decorating or going anywhere because I'm broke...the worst thing that could ever happen is going to happen...I'm not going to be able to dress up this year...granted, I'll probably do something crazy with my make up and sit around and mope...but that's it. Because of that heartbreaking realization...I give you:

Ten People I Wish I Could Dress Up As This Halloween


Peggy Carter: Captain America Movie

Alice: Resident Evil


Elle Driver

Inara Serra 

Claire Redfield: Movie Extinction version

River Song




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