Thursday, October 27, 2011

♫...We're gonna get some food in the house tonight...♫

The Food I Ate On My Birthday Trip Edition

Look, I've been doing excellent on my diet/exercise plan since graduation, so I decided that I would let myself be as bad as I wanted to be over the weekend while in New Orleans...and I, so bad. It was fantastic.

Nutella Crepes 
The morning of my birthday, I had the most ecstasy inducing breakfast. Seriously, when I took my first bite of these crepes, I almost had a When Harry Met Sally moment that I didn't have to fake. I love Nutella...and I usually avoid it, because it's more Weight Watchers points than I really want to indulge in for a these...oh GOD, these crepes were like a spiritual experience.

I had this drink with my Nutella was called a Splashberry and was made with lemon lime soda, orange juice and strawberry (2 whole strawberries and some juice). When they brought it to me, you could see the layers of liquid and you had to stir it up....this stuff was like crack!

Steamboat Natchez, the only authentic steamboat left on the Mighty Mississippi

Whiskey Sour

Later on that day (still my birthday), we took a ride on Steamboat Natchez, and sat ourselves right in front of The Texas Bar. I had a Whiskey Sour made with Maker's Mark...and it was fantastic! The best I've had.

We also ate our Lunch/Dinner aboard Steamboat Natchez. It was a lot of food, so we really didn't feel like eating again later that evening. What you see there is a truly Southern meal of Fried Chicken, baked beans, mac and cheese, some creamed spinach, cornbread, cole slaw, and bread pudding. I would never in a million years eat this's just too much food (even though it served as two meals) and too many kinds of food that I'm trying to not eat. It was delicious though...

The next day, I had stuffed french toast that was almost as orgasmic as my Nutella crepes...and some hash-browns and eggs....and I washed it down with this...

Vanilla Iced Coffee
Later that day, after walking down Decatur street for hours, looking in shops and exploring The French Market, we decided to head to The Gumbo Pot, which someone had suggested to us...

The Gumbo Pot

Shrimp Po Boy
I'd never had a Po Boy before, so I wanted to give it a try. The thing was HUGE...and it was very good...but I don't know if I would ever go back there. The prices were insane!! This one sandwich, with no sides, was $14 and some change. Not worth it. It did, however, fill me up for the rest of the we, once again, didn't have dinner. We had some frozen yogurt later, but I didn't take a picture.

It was all good evidenced by the 5 lbs I gained! No worries...I'll work it off this week!


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