Monday, October 24, 2011

♫...So bring an exorcist, a wizard and the Holy Ghost...♫

Day 24 - Favorite Horror Movie Based Off Real Events

Can I say my life?

The Exorcist...just for the simple fact that it terrified the bejeezus out of me when I first saw it.
I think the fact that I'm  so weird as an adult might have a direct correlation to the amount of scary movies I watched as a kid...or you could say they flat out messed me up. Either way, I'm really fun at Halloween parties.

You can not tell me that that does not scare the holy mary mother of holy freakin' god right out of you. I'm going to have nightmares just looking at it. As a little girl, I grew up in a very strict Southern Baptist Church environment, and was therefore terrified of every single thing to do with hellfire and brimstone. Enter the movie about a demon possessing a little girl. Unfortunately, back then there wasn't any Supernatural...and I hadn't picked up the 'tools of the trade' from my sugar bunny, Dean Winchester, yet. All I had was terror. True. Absolute. Abject. Terror. 



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