Tuesday, October 18, 2011

♫...I'm single by choice...♫

Ten Reasons Why I Am Single:

1. The Doctor hasn't come to pick me up in the TARDIS yet.

2. Dean Winchester is a fictional character
...or so they keeps telling me.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch's existence gives me exceptionally high expectations.


4. I'm a superhero
....and a relationship of any kind would put a serious dent in my ability to save all those needy, helpless people. It's a selfless thing I do.

5. The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. 
...it's going to happen and I can't hold your hand through it.

6. Winter is coming.

7. Relationships are forbidden to Jedi.

8. I'm a Companion.

9. There's this ring...
 and I have to throw it into the raging fires of Mount Doom or else the entire world will be bathed in pain and darkness by this incredibly huge and evil eye.

10. Because I WANT to be single.



Mooney said...

You have a new follower. Omg this is brilliant!

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