Wednesday, October 12, 2011

♫...they.. don't protect you! don't protect you! don't protect you!...♫

Dear City Council, Mayor, and District Attorney of Topeka, Kansas,

WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK.IS.WRONG.WITH.YOU? What?...How...Why? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I am so appalled with you that I can not even seem to find the words to properly express how low and vile I think you are.

In order to 'save money' you have decided to repeal the city's domestic abuse law, not prosecute anyone else who might decide to beat their partner, drop all pending cases, and let the BASTARDS awaiting trial for domestic abuse OUT OF JAIL!

You are making an amazingly difficult situation for someone (typically women, but not always) to get out of, even fucking harder! There is nothing about this that is okay...there is absolutely zero excuse for even thinking that this might be okay...or a viable way to 'save money'. You're putting people's lives at risk by allowing this to go on for even a second.

As someone who has experienced what an abusive relationship is like, this makes my stomach turn. Is this what our country is coming to? A country more focused on taking women's rights away than creating jobs or doing something about it's crooked bankers and politicians...a country that makes it okay to beat your wife?


Fuck you very much,

UPDATE: Apparently, DA Chad Taylor has decided that he will start prosecuting domestic abuse cases again...saying that when he made the decision to stop, it was in the hope that the city of Topeka would begin prosecuting the cases themselves...but today the city council voted NO to that idea...thus de-criminalizing domestic abuse. It's because of the Topeka city council's decision to risk the safety and lives of their own citizens, that he has decided that he will continue to prosecute. 
It seems that DA Taylor decided to start all of this as a protest against having his budget other words, in order to make headlines, he chose to deal a low blow to a segment of the population who are already victims and putting them in greater danger. While all of this was going on, abusers were let out of jail without a trial or sentencing...and at LEAST one went home and beat his wife. What.the.fuck??? All the people involved in this make me sick...


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