Tuesday, September 27, 2011

♫...They say, Ruby you're like a flame...♫

Ten things about me that you may not know.


1. I sometimes feed Sheldon by hand: It's no secret that Sheldon is my baby. I love all my animals, but there is just something about my little Shelly Bee that makes me want to baby him all the time. Sometimes he just will not eat...and those times, if I'm around, I will feed him by hand...and then he'll eat. It's not as gross as it may sound. Most of them time I'm feeding him kibble or shredded chicken. I'm a dork. I know it, but he's just so sweet.

2. I've created a collection of Comic Book inspired outfits...and I'll make other outfits in the future:

3. I have a deep abiding love for Chai: I first started drinking it in the fall of 1998 at a little coffee house called Celestial Realm. I, basically, lived there every weekend for a year. The sweet lady who owned it suggested it to me, and brought me a cup, telling me that I would love it! She was right. Now, Celestial Realm is closed, but I still drink chai regularly (often out of my Celestial Realm coffee mug!). I love the taste and smell of the wonderful spices and tea leaves that create it's distinct flavor. Every time I inhale it's spicy fragrance I am transported back to chilly Saturday and Sunday nights, lounging on the sofas at Celestial Realm with friends all around me.

4. Dita Von Teese is my style icon: I love the pinup/vintage look. I prefer vintage and pinup inspired clothing and lingerie...and when I get back on my feet and reach my goal weight, you will probably never see me in a pair of jeans again. 

5. Autumn/Fall makes my soul sing: When it starts truly feeling like fall here in Satan's waiting room, I come alive. The colors, the smells, the feel, the awe inspiring, majestic beauty of it all makes me feel in tune with everything around me. Perfection is being able to sit outside in the swing, bundled up in a big sweater and maybe a blanket, with the leaves of our trees ablaze with reds and golds and yellows...while drinking a hot cup of Chai, flavored with a bit of coconut creamer and reading a good book. Autumn/Fall has a feeling to it that vibrates through my very being. 

6. I can relate just about anything to either Doctor Who or Supernatural:...or so says my family.

7. The mom from Easy A:...I will probably be just like her if I have kids...and I'd love to parent with someone like the dad.

8. I creep on my cat while he sleeps: Aslan is cute as hell when he's asleep. The cuteness is so cute it will melt your face off if you stare directly at it for too long. He'll cross his little front paws and tuck them under his chin, then he'll curl himself up in a little fuzzy ball with his bunny feet near his head. Don't think about that too long or the cuteness of it all will make your head explode. Sometimes I'll catch myself just sitting there staring at him. Plus, when he's asleep, he's not meowing his damn head off...and when he's awake he kind of reminds me of Stitch. 

9. I hate reality TV with a passion: I hate it SO MUCH. There are no words. Just...no.

10. I obsessively LOVE Halloween: I wish Halloween was every day...and I get seriously bummed when I'm too broke to have a lavish Halloween. I love wearing costumes, I love the decorations, I love the kooky foods and drinks, I love it all. Mostly, I love the dressing up...it's fun...and I like costumes...a lot. 


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