Tuesday, August 16, 2011

♫...You can't hide redneck...♫

This past Saturday I was thrilled to spend the afternoon with my good friends Kaitlynn and Chani. These two lovely ladies are the very definition of loyal and true friends...and Saturday was Kaitlynn's baby shower. It was lovely and she's going to be a wonderful mommy....and her shower successfully made my biological clock start ticking...

On the way home I, of course, took a wrong turn...which caused me to take the long way home....and thus, this post was born.

I had the misfortune of getting behind the MONSTROSITY (featured below) at a traffic light close to my home. When I finished gagging on bile, I reached for my cell phone so that I could share the gag inducing idiocy with all of you.

Now, if the picture featured below is of someone you know, or is of you...you should know 2 things: 1. The license plate number has been blurred out...and 2. If it is someone you know, you need to slap them...very hard...and if it is you, slap yourself for being both obnoxious and idiotic.

What is wrong with this picture?
If you answered, 'everything'...give yourself a cookie.
Everything, from the GINORMOUS confederate flags (one says 'Redneck'...as if we couldn't guess...and the other has a deer on it)...to the DayGlo orange testicles dangling from the trainer hitch, is offensive and tacky.


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