Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Grinds My Gears Episode 1: Everything that has pissed me off recently.

  1. Senator Jeff Sessions' office/whomever responds to his mail: A few months ago when the house wanted to cut all funding to Planned Parenthood I went on a letter writing rampage. I wrote to my senators about how important Planned Parenthood was, I also wrote separate letters regarding the distasteful Hyde Amendment. Now, because I live in the big red buckle of the bible belt (and because I've written many letters in the past) I knew I would receive something back that basically said, "Thanks for the letter, but I'm an elected official in the South and if I want to stay that way I have to be anti-choice...and you're going to hell you godless baby killer". That's what I expected when I opened my response letter. However, I noticed that instead of the really short response that I usually get, this letter took up the entire front and some of the back of the letter. My heart skipped a beat!...Until I read it...then I was overcome with a righteous fury! This letter was thanking me for my anti-choice (my word, their word was pro-life) stance and going on and on and on about how it jived with their stance on the matter. I'm all for having your own opinions (*cough*the opinions you have to have to get re-elected in Alabama*cough)...what caused my head to spin around in exorcist type fashion was that IT WAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WROTE! I know he's not reading these things himself, but when I write his office I expect whomever to actually see that I'm registering an opinion...that I'm outraged about something that is going on in our government, something that he, as an senator, will be voting on. I want it known to SOMEONE in that office that at least ONE person in this state is against this outright attack on women's rights! So, whomever, READ MY DAMN LETTER NEXT TIME, they are never long and you can usually get the opinion I'm expressing in the first two damn sentences. 
  2. People who like to make judgments on my life/'dreams': No, I'm not an A-list actress. You want to know why? Because that was my dream when I was a TEENAGER. Yes, I still enjoy acting and I wouldn't turn it down if it was offered to me, but my dreams have changed. I write and hopefully one day I will be published. I want a job where I feel as if I am making a positive difference in the world by helping others. I want a place of my own with Aslan and two tiny chihuahuas named River Song and Amelia Pond. That's it. Those are my dreams. Yes, I would like to have a partner who loves me and maybe children, but whatever, I'm not really all that concerned with that. So please, if you're going to sit in judgement of my life, take a moment and reflect on the fact that you probably do not know the woman that I am...and then kindly go fuck yourself (sorry for the language Mum, but you shouldn't be reading my blog anyway!)
  3. People who come to my house without prior notification Seriously. Ring the doorbell all you want...but unless you're delivering a package...I'm not coming to the door.
...and that's what really grinds my gears.



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