Sunday, August 28, 2011

♫...Sad movies always make me cry...♫

I don't get emotional about much these days.
Nope. I have a heart made of Adamantium

Still, there are a hand full of things that turn me into a red faced, sobbing mess...reducing me to a quivering, mumbling mass of emotions lying in the fetal position on whatever surface is accessible.
Here's a mild example of what it might look like:


Now, here is a complete list of things that make me cry big ugly tears:

  • Those animal cruelty commercials with the Sarah McLachlan song or the one with the Natalie Merchant song that guts me. I can't take cruelty to animals in any way. I see or read about an animal that has been abused and all I can see is my sweet little Sheldon looking up at me with those big sad eyes and thinking about someone hurting him. Just so we're clear, you hurt my animals and I will stab you and go to jail happily.
I will stab you in the face w/a fork if you hurt my Shelly Bee.

  • Harry Potter. Screw you....he grew up an orphan living under the mother freakin' stairs and then found out he was a wizard and got to go to Hogwarts but still kept losing people and having to deal with things way beyond his years...and...and...SHUT UP! I just want to give him a hug!

  • A good love story. Yes, underneath this badass exterior lies the last dying embers of a hopeless romantic. Christian and Satine (Moulin Rouge), Tristan/Tristran and Yvaine (Stardust), Buffy and Angel (Buffy), Anne and Gil (Anne of Green Gables), E Edward Grey and Lee (Secretary...STFU they are awesome), Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother), Dean Winchester and Me (Supernatural/My fantasies). All of these are sure fire ways to make sure I break and show you the softer side of Ruby. Please note that I said a GOOD love story. Not, say, what this next picture is about...
From: ReasoningWithVampires

  • AND the kicker...the catalyst for this entire post...the mainline directly to seeing me, first turn into a child again, and then cry like someone has ripped my very soul from my body. Doctor motherfreakin' Who. Especially if Steven Moffat is responsible for it. I've written previously about how it makes me feel and what the Eleventh Doctor means to me and even an open letter to the doctor asking him to come get me. If you don't watch and love Doctor Who though, I don't have the words necessary to explain this to you. I can't make you understand what it is about this character...this young, old man who is so playful and childlike one moment and then with a mere look can show you exactly how ancient he is and how heavily all the time and loss weighs on him...that makes him so real to me. When the Doctor hurts, I literally hurts my heart to see him unhappy or in pain. That's not 'crazy' it's the result of good storytelling. When people (everyone involved) can bring a story and its characters to life in such a's pure magic. 


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