Thursday, July 21, 2011

♫...Tonight I'll be your naughty girl...♫

Here's the deal ladies and gents, I am at the most boring time of my entire life. There are days when I consider beating my head against the wall just to relieve the monotony of this never ending circus of boredom. I'm deeply disturbed by the amount of time I spend talking to my cat, and I'm making zero progress on my novel despite having ample free time.

So. I'm considering writing 2 blogs a month that are sponsored by Eden Fantasy. I'll still be writing my usual inane dribble, but twice a month I would spice it up a little. Although I am smutty and as dirty as it gets, these blog post will not be. People who know me in real life...or who knew me before I descended into this madness of being broke and jobless...will tell you that I am not shy when it comes to discussing the myriad of things that are sold or discussed over at Eden Fantasy. Unless it's with my Mum...then ew. ew. ew. GO AWAY MOM! However, if you are offended by such things I will give you 2 points to consider: 1. The things that are discussed there range so broadly that I could end up writing about recopies and/or workout routines. 2. If you're offended by such things, this is probably not the blog for you. Have you even read anything I've posted here? I'm a depraved maniac!

I haven't made up my mind yet...but it's something I would really like to do...because Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and Gaia know that I'm not going outside for any reason (other than a job interview...or to move to England. ENGLAND LET ME LOVE YOU!) because it's hot as balls. My face will literally melt off if I walk outside. It's suppose to feel 110-120 degrees all over the Southeast...and I'm supposed to be convinced that the South is NOT hell?



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