Wednesday, July 27, 2011

♫...I need intervention...♫

Look people. I need to talk to someone. This blog post was meant to be about my seething jealousy of once again not being able to attend what I consider the Holy Land (San Diego Comic-Con)...or I was finally going to become emotionally ready to talk about seeing the last Harry Potter movie...but no... in need of an intervention.
...and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with alcohol or stalking fictional television characters.

I think I mentioned, post-graduation, that you should stay tuned for the downward spiral of insanity that was sure to ensue in the coming months...well, I think we have arrived at said time. It is in all probability just the ground floor of the coming Ruby LeBeau Skyscraper of Insanity.

There is actually a job that I REALLY want in Social Services...and I'm QUALIFIED for TENNESSEE! One cannot relocate if one does not have the funds to do so. Here in Alabama...I'm #367 in line to be considered for a job as a caseworker...I JUST WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!!!


I actually did a Google search for 'How to become a Dominatrix' the other that's how the job search is going....

Which brings me to why I think I need some sort of intervention. It's been almost 3 months since I graduated. In the beginning I spent my days filling out applications, exercising, cleaning...basically being productive and catching up on the things that I had neglected while busy with school. Slowly, as time has passed, I've become less and less productive. Filling out job applications and following up on those jobs are still first priority every day, and I'm actually rearranging and packing up my room...but I'm starting to do things that worry me.

The plan was always to use this time to write the first in, what I hope to be, a series of fantasy novels...and I have written. Just the other day I wrote 5 whole sentences...but IT DOESN'T COUNT because I copied and pasted four of those sentences from the crap I wrote during NaNoWriMo!

So, what did I do the rest of the day when I was suppose to be pouring my heart an soul into my writing? Well, that brings us to the heart of the intervention...I spent the rest of the day looking at clothes...for chihuahuas.

Go ahead and re-read that last bit. I'll wait.....Yes, I was sober. Duh. You can't afford booze when you are unemployed and the people you live with are teetotalers. Stone cold sober, ladies and gentlemen...look upon my oncoming mental breakdown and shudder in terror! SHUDDER!

In conclusion, Unemployment is not like a long vacation (as some people have snickered), it is more like a constant panic attack and inevitable descent into insanity.


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