Monday, June 6, 2011

♫...A boring life in a boring town...♫

Yes. I'm a lazy sod who hasn't updated her blog in god knows how long...This is life post-graduation. Pre-finding a job. UNEVENTFUL.

Have you seen Reality Bites?
You know that part of the movie where she loses her job and then precedes to lay on the couch, chain smoking and talking to that phone psychic? That's me. Minus the smoking...and the psychic...and the awesome roommates.

I mean, if you want I could:
  •  Bemoan the fact that I have to wait until fall until I get to watch a new episode of Supernatural or Doctor Who.
  • Slobber all over this page about how I just saw a trailer for Fright Night with David Tennant  IN.LEATHER.PANTS. 

  • I could talk about my typical day...which would take up all of 2 lines: Get up. Eat. Work out. Check out Job Postings. Tumblr for the rest of the day. Watch something with Ben. Sleep.
  • There is something I could complain about that would take up an entire post...AND I PLAN ON WRITING ABOUT IT ONCE MY RAGE COOLS! has to do with one of my State Senators. 
Instead of doing any of that...I'm going to go work on the Supernatural Fan Site that I run. Ciao.

....Don't be hatin'.


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