Monday, May 9, 2011

♫...Gone to the dogs...♫

Leonard has his harness on, Sheldon is a nudist.

My babies have officially been with us a year!!

We all know that I can wax poetic and slip into the sappy, sweet, ooey, gooey side of my personality when it comes to these dogs...but I will try to contain myself. I'll just say this...I can't imagine my life without them.

It pains me to think of finally moving out and having to leave them (they are technically my parents' dogs) I've decided that I'm going to dognap them and disappear. Maybe we'll go to Mexico and drink Tequila on the beach. Leonard looks like he'd like Tequila.

The sweetest thing about them is that every time someone comes home...even if we've only been gone for a few minutes, they act as if they never thought that they would see us again and this is the absolute best moment of their entire life! Sheldon cries...he literally makes this crying noise until you pet him, and hold him and let him know that you wold never NEVER ever leave him...Leonard does it sometimes, but mostly he just waits for you to pet him and tries to calm his brother down....HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THEM??

Also, Sheldon is a nudist. He will always find some way to chew his way out of every single collar or harness that we put on him...Leonard is still a cuddlebug.

Sheldon a year ago

Sheldon Now

Leonard a year ago
Leonard Now


Amanda said...

Gotdangit. My heart feels all warm all of a sudden.

Ruby LeBeau said...

I know right...I'm hoping it will pass.

Amanda said...

it's slightly painful.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Try actually seeing them...the cute...IT BURNS!!

Amanda said...

I'm hoping we'll be introduced. I'll bring Aloe Vera for the burning....

Ruby LeBeau said...

YES!! You will.
I'll make sure that the cute doesn't kill you with it's sugary burning sweetness. They will bark earplugs maybe?

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