Tuesday, April 19, 2011

♫...we don't need no education...♫

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is my last week of classes before finals start. Let me make this quite clear. This is the last week that I will be in classes as an Undergrad...possibly the last classes I will ever have.
A good student would be soaking it all in, making sure that they are 100% prepared for the finals by listening to every single word the professor says...but this is me we're talking about here. I've already more than half way checked out. My body may be sitting in class but my mind is in an altogether different place.

Normally, I get up at 6am, shower, eat, make myself pretty at a leisurely pace....
This morning, however, I reset my alarm to wake me up at 7am, rolled over, went back to sleep and had a dandy little dream about Dean Winchester, cursed a blue streak when the alarm woke me up right in the middle of it...ran through the shower, slathered on some tinted moisturizer, put my hair in a pony tail and sped to school...on a 1/4 of a tank of gas.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, a dramatic interpretation of my 2 classes:


Professorχ2 distribution is positively skew, further more, the value of χ2 is always positive. Therefore, the critical region is always on the right-hand side of the distribution and it is appropriate only for testing non-directional hypotheses.

Me (In my head):


Professor (what I, sort of, hear): Chi Squares...blah, blah, blah...do you understand? Raise your hand if you don't understand...blah, blah, blah.

Me (In my head...sort of paying attention because he actually addressed the class) :

Professor: Blah, Thursday's class...blah, blah...come prepared...blah, blah...quiz...blah.

Me (still in my head, daydreaming again):



Classmate: You look extra white today

Me (out loud): Yeah, I'm not really wearing any makeup.
Me (in my head):

Professor: Lots of stuff on Genetic engineering that I really tired very hard to understand but it went right over my head...so I just sat there acting like I was understanding everything.

Me (in person):


ProfessorTransgenic pigs have also been produced by fertilizing normal eggs with sperm cells that have incorporated foreign DNA. This procedure, called sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT) may someday be able to produce transgenic pigs that can serve as a source of transplanted organs for humans. 

Me (in person):

Professor (interpretation): Genetically modified food is good for you, people who disagree are fringe looneys.

Me (this is when I tuned back out and started daydreaming about Dean again):




Then I drove home with my gas tank in the RED, almost stalled out a mile from the house...and then took about about 5 hours to write this really lame blog post....you're welcome


Amanda said...

*whispers* I have a girl crush on you.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Oh my god! I totally have a girl crush on YOU! *flails around madly*

rockerbabe79 said...

Yeah that would be me except it would be Edward Norton and then having a glazed over look all day.

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