Thursday, March 17, 2011

♫ I know for sure that I was stupid...♫

I just got my Vicks VapoInhaler stuck on my nose ring.

When I went to inhale the thing, the inside of my nose ring got caught in the hole and wrapped around one of the little 'spokes' or was not fun...took me 10 minutes to get it out...think I've OD'd on Vicks now..


Amanda said...

that made me cringe more than the underwater amputation on Off the Map last night, which I was slightly disgusted, but more fascinated by. If you're ever in an underwater rock slide and need your leg cut off, I'm your girl. Nose ring caught in your Vapoinhaler? I'm out the door. Sorry.

Ruby LeBeau said...

ahahahahahahahahaha! I'll keep that in mind if ever I am in that situation. (c;
It hurt like hell.

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