Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♫...Who's that simpleton standing over there?...♫

I know my blog hasn't exactly been 'quality' lately....and I ain't even apologizing.
School eats my free time...either being there...doing homework...or stressing about it.
So I really don't have time to be bothered by petty the limited brains of people who should serve as a walking campaign for birth control....but that is what is currently keeping me from actually doing my homework...I am so perturbed by idiocy of gargantuan proportions that I feel like I might fall on the floor and experience either a massive heart attack or the most outstanding cerebral hemorrhage that science has ever encountered.  Every time I try to sit down and construct my frequency distribution table and the corresponding histogram, all I can think about is how I wish I had the ability to articulate exactly how the cause of my annoyance is so incredibly wrong, lacking in any kind of sense/intelligence, and a COMPLETE DOUCH NOZZLE (and I never use that phrase).  


When I am this angry about something I find it hard to be as articulate and precise as I would like to be. Meaning, I find it hard to effectively communicate what exactly has made my anger swell to the point of madness and why said idiocy has turned me from Strawberry Shortcake into the unflinching goddess of unending wrath!

Drawn by musicalirony at DeviantART

I'm going to try and go clean now...and then do homework...if you don't hear from me again then I've probably had a massive stroke from all the idiocy or I'm in jail on attempted murder charges....or in a mental facility...the last one is more like it...I have too much homework/studying for this crap.



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