Sunday, January 9, 2011

♫...I'm going off the rails on a crazy train...♫

Here's an update on events preceding the upcoming snowpocalypse in the dirty south.

We're under a Winter Storm Warning. That's fine. I don't have school again until Tuesday and I don't plan on leaving the house problem with that is my whiny, evil cat will not let me sleep. He yowls his head off until I either 1. put him outside or 2. wake up and leave the room...if I take option 2, he curls up on my bed and goes to sleep...little bastard. Option 1 will not be an option if it snows...unless we want a kitty Popsicle...which, I'm leaning towards because going without sleep makes me want to, as Edward Norton put it in Fight Club, destroy something beautiful.

The other thing that bothers me about the idea of a Winter not exactly losing power, but when my parents say that we would all need to cram ourselves into the camper if we lose power., mum...back up a minute here...if we lose power, you want to cram all 5 of us, plus 3 dogs into the camper (the cat can suck it)?


Give me a moment to wrap my head around this deep fried piece of insanity...5 adults...who only mildly get along on the best of 3 rowdy dogs, one of which likes to bite people and other dogs...all stuffed in the same one room (unless I want to hide in the teeny tiny bathroom) camper that is currently sitting out in our backyard? All because it has a stove and generator or whatever?
There is not enough alcohol in existence to make that okay.
I think I'll take my chances of freezing to death staying in the house with my whiny cat, thank you very much.
We have an insane amount of camping gear (lanterns, etc) and a wood burning stove downstairs...if we lose power...I will survive down there rather than test the limits of my sanity trapped in the same teeny tiny space with those crazy people.


Amanda said...

Think of it as practice for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Ruby LeBeau said...

I'll be using them as bait.

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