Friday, November 5, 2010

♫...You're the girl I used to be...♫

Day 36 – Item you have owned the longest

Oh. wow. This is going to be an extremely embarrassing post.
Let's start with a very short story:
    My mother had a baby shower on October 21st. I was born the next morning. At that baby shower someone gave her a small, green, receiving blanket. I had to sleep with that blanket (and my stuffed rabbit, Bun Bun) every night when I went to sleep. It was used as everything from a cape, to a dress, I even use to wrap it around my head and face. Eventually it lost the lining that went around it, and faded...and developed a few small holes. Then there was the time that my mother washed it in some kind of funky way, with something she shouldn't have or something...and we thought it was done for...I cried...I was heart broken...but, thankfully, it recovered. There are times when, I swear, I was under two thick blankets and freezing cold...and when I put that small, beat up, thin, green blanket around me, I was warm. I still have my green blanket. It's folded lovingly in a big tub where I'm packing things...and if I have a particularly hard day, when I'm hurt and need a good cry, I'll still curl up with my green blanket.

That's the item I've owned the longest. My green blanket.



ikhwan55 said...

still miss my ol' stinky pillow ;(

Amanda said...

I have no attachment to anything like that. Weird? I dunno. I had a very unstable childhood and nothing ever lasted or was around long enough for me to get attached.

Joy Marie said...

I still have my 'blankie' that my mom received at her baby shower for me! It's now terribly off-white in color (and I wouldn't dare use bleach on the poor thing)! The bright pink lining fell off it a long time ago, but if you look very closely some pink threads still exist. It has many holes in it, but I still wrap up in it and use it as a 'security blanket' any time I have a bad day, the cramps, am having a cry fest, or am just cold. My old baby blanket is one thing I would *always* think to grab in case of a fire!!! Oh, and I'm turning 29 this year! :p

Ruby LeBeau said...

OMG! Mine is the SAME WAY...except mine was green! I still have it on my bed...and I'm 31! =D

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