Monday, November 1, 2010

♫...You wanna know more, more, more about me...♫

Day 32 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I collect quotes. Some people collect ceramic cats...I collect quotes. In cute little journals...and on my quote site. (see links on the right)
2. I'm at least partially deaf due to all of the punk rock shows I went to when I was in my teens and twenties...I had a bad habit of standing up front, right in front of the speakers, without wearing ear plugs. Now my family says I yell all the time...oh well.
3. I began college as a theater major, but changed to Sociology after attending a class called Family Conflict and Violence taught by Professor Trigg at UAB. She inspired me so much that I changed my major shortly afterwards, and took her classes whenever I could. Today I found out that she passed away last Thursday, and I never got the opportunity to tell her how much she inspired me.
4. Every night when I go to bed, I fall asleep by making up little stories in my head. The stories are usually based on movies, TV shows or books that I enjoy.
5. I have the best time playing World of Warcraft with my brothers. It's the most fun for me when we are running stuff together.
6. I have three tattoos and 6 different piercings (ear lobes - count that as one, 2 additional holes in my right ear, my nose, Monroe piercing, and belly button).
7. I absolutely adore Neil Gaiman. I will read anything he writes. My next tattoo is a line from his poem Instructions.
8. I'd gladly drop out of school and go work for Amnesty International, right freakin' now.
9. I only watch actual television one hour a week...and that's Supernatural. Everything else I watch either via Hulu or by other means.
10. My hair has been every single color imaginable. I wish I had a picture of every single crazy color that I ever had so that I can give them to my kids one day.
11. I'm going to have a baby when I'm 34 if I'm still single. Well...I'll probably have one at 34 if I'm single or not. If I'm single I'll opt for artificial insemination.
12. If my house caught on fire...I'd grab the animals and my hard drive.
13. My favorite season is winter...though winter in the South is not really winter at all. It's November and it's just now getting down into the 60s and 70s. I hate hot weather. I would love for it to be cold all the time. So cold that I have to cuddle up underneath blankets and next to warm bodies.
14. I believe very strongly in loyalty. If you can't be a loyal friend, I'd rather you just get out of my life completely.
15. I like to make a big deal out of other people's birthdays. I think it's important to let the people who are special to you know that you think they are special. You don't have to even spend money, just let them know that you are glad they were born and you're happy they are in your life. I would love to throw huge, fun birthdays for my dearest friends. For my own, I would love to celebrate with a costume/masquerade party, since it's so close to Halloween!
16. I still believe in soulmates. Even though I have had some pretty horrible relationships...and I've been on my own for quite a while because of that...I still believe...that's why I got my 'Come What May' tattoo...despite being so horribly hurt and used, I'm still a hopeless romantic.
17. I love butterflies. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a butterfly necklace. On the back it is engraved with a quote that says, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly."
18. I get kind of sad around Christmas and New Years.
19. My dad was finally able to adopt me when I was around 16, and legally changed my name...though I had been going by that name for years...just not at school.
20. I believe in the Zombie Apocalypse.
21. Biggest Celebrity Crushes: Misha Collins (he seems like so much fun, I like fun), David Tennant, Neil Gaiman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
22. Biggest Fictional Crushes: Dean Winchester, The Doctor (especially 10), Christian from Moulin Rouge, Sirius Black from Harry Potter, Connor Temple.
23. Current goals: Recruit minions. Rule the world.
24. I don't think I'm funny. At all.
25. Other people's children terrify me...unless I've spent a good amount of time around them.
26. I think I'm an anomaly in my state/town: I don't believe in organized religion, I am pro-choice, anti-death penalty, I am pro-gay marriage, I am pro-equality in everything...I don't think the mosque in New York is run by terrorists and I think it should be built exactly where they are planning...I think schools should be about nurturing talent and enriching the mind, not standardized test scores...I'm anti-shoving your religion down someone's throat...I am pro-shattering of gender roles...I'm vehemently against abstinence only education...I think people who beat their loved ones or rape others should receive much harsher sentences and that the victims should not be treated in the horrendous manner by the courts that they are currently subjected to...I believe that this country was built on the back of immigrants and that the way we are treating the 'illegal immigrants' now is deplorable...I think that the tea party should be forced to change their name to something that more accurately describes their racist, sexist, homophobic, closed minded agenda and leave the title 'tea party' to the mad hatter, little girls and boys, and me and my other tea drinking compatriots...
27. I read extremely fast...unless it's a textbook.
28. Tonight I've spent more time voting for Supernatural to be on the cover of TV guide that I have studying for my Psychology test tomorrow...because I just don't care anymore. I think it's ridiculous to have to memorize that amount of information for an 8 page test and have to spell everything a class that is an elective...and nowhere near the highest level Psych class I've taken. I absolutely adore the teacher and I've enjoyed her class and learned so much...but I wish I had dropped it while I still could have...because it's re-FREAKING-diculous.
29. I'm swamped with school work: Tests from hell, quizzes, homework, research....and I'm struggling like never before this semester...I'm having a hard time finding time to write here in my blog every day...and yet, I signed up for NaNoWriMo! I must be INSANE.
30. I spend way too much time on YouTube watching fanmade Supernatural and Doctor Who videos.



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