Monday, November 22, 2010

♫...Three olives, shake it up, I like it dirty...♫


I've been awake for over 24 hours now and I am beyond delirious...and my mother flippin' cat is yowling at me in high definition surround I'm on the verge of a full on mental breakdown...and thought, "Hey, it might be fun to blog while this happens", at the very least I can use it in the impending trial for whatever shenanigan I pull while in said full on mental collapse.

Just PLEASE keep me away from Twitter...I do not want to come out of this delirious state and find that I sent Misha Collins numerous tweets describing, in great detail, all the various ungodly and illegal ways I would like to 'get to know him'.


So. I'm done with my research proposal. Can we say 'Halle-F'n-lujah'...I'm at the inevitable point in the semester where I just don't give a holly jolly hell if I pass or not anymore.  So, basically I'm suffering from chronic 'I couldn't care less' syndrome. I'm sure some kind of therapy would help, but I find that yelling obscenities is cheaper and a lot more gratifying.

Ben has FINALLY started watching Doctor Who...and I've been re-watching all the episodes as he watches...and it's slightly disturbing that his favorite part, thus far, are the Daleks...He was romaing through the house with a plunger and an egg beater the other night, saying "Exterminate!"...come to think of it...he has always been a bit like a Dalek...


You know...I was writing this...and then I had to stop...because I got distracted...for like half an these two gifs:


Half an hour...okay, more like 5 minutes, but it felt like half an hour. Sweet baby Jesus! Thank goodness I couldn't see Jensen's lips or I would have been swept up in a vortex of hotness from which I would have never returned...

I'm going to leave you with this quote I just found and laughed my fool head off at...and then I'm going to go read a large amount of Dean/Castiel fanfic before I pass out at my desk and wake up twelve hours later, after gratuitous dreams about the fanfic I just read, in a puddle of my own drool....

I don’t have the cleanest of vocabularies. I curse a little too much and sometimes I even use the word ‘dick’ as if I have one and you should ‘suck it’ (This usually applies to bad drivers and rude people at supermarkets). This means I can never use words like dick in a sexy, growly kind of way like that word isn’t HILARIOUS to me. I also hope you find uncomfortable laughter kind of sexy. Because if you tell me how much you want to see me naked, I’m going to laugh because on a Tuesday afternoon, the last thing I want to see is me naked. This isn’t a body issues thing, this is a ‘today I found a potato chip in my cleavage’ kind of thing. So I’m going to laugh.The Frenemy.: SEXY KIND OF
Wow...does she know me?



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