Wednesday, October 13, 2010

♫...Wish I knew everyone's nickname...♫

Day 13- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Roo: My mother has called me this for the past *insert how ancient I really am here* years. It used to embarrass me to no end when she would yell it, in her banshee like wail, across the supermarket. It was at that point I would crawl on the shelf behind some cereal and hide....or the milk if I wanted to inflict hypothermia upon myself in hopes of dying. I learned to live with it, and eventually like it. It sort of comes from the Winnie the Pooh character, Roo...and sort of short for my name...though, I think my name is short enough without having to make it order to wail across the supermarket...thanks mom.
  • Variations: Ruby Roo, Roo Dog...
Rubelet: I have no idea how this came into existence. I just know that practically everyone at Standard Furniture in Center Point called me this for the entire six and a half years I suffered there. 

Song based names: Naturally, I get called everything that has a song attached to my name
  • Examples: Ruby Tuesday, Ruby Soho, Ruby Blue.

Slut Muffin: My friend Jordan used to call me this. She's the only one who is allowed to.

Ho: Ben calls me this...he's the only one who is allowed to call me this without getting shanked.

Hippie: Josh calls me this on a daily basis.
  • Other names Josh calls me: Bartleby.

Riz: Fritz used to call me this when we first met. He said I reminded him of Rizzo from Grease, which was the best compliment ever.
  • Other Fritz names: The Caucasian Margaret Cho, Hag, Anastasia Beaverhausen, Karen Walker, bb.

Miscellaneous Nicknames that various people who have ever met routinely  call me: Rubealicious, Roberta, Red, Kitten, HBIC, Alice, Tits McGee, Boobie, Ruby Doo (like Scooby Doo), Anne (Anne of Green Gables), Hec (when I'm on WoW, it's short for Hecatate, my main toon).



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