Monday, October 25, 2010

We'll have peace on earth and global communion

Day 25- Something you would do if no one stopped you or if you knew you wouldn't fail.

I would rule the world with my horde of minions*.

That is all.
I mean, I'd send my minions out for fresh juice every morning...and other items as needed. I wouldn't have to go to school, because as supreme overlord of the planet earth I would no longer have a need for it...and if I want a degree in something, I'll just take will be free for all my underlings...and all student loan debts would be erased....The world would adopt a vegan diet, therefore fast food restaurants would be outlawed...all food would be organically grown by peace loving hippies who have a profound respect for mother earth...groan and bitch all you want...I'll send my minions to harvest your organs...I never said I was a benevolent ruler...arts programs in schools would be mandatory...and the focus of schools would be enriching a person's mind and nurturing talent, not standardized test scores...and my World of Warcraft account, as well as Josh and Ben's, would be free forever....COWER BEFORE ME!

Go forth my minions and procure juice that is freshly cream that is of the Ben and Jerry variety...and a man of the Collins line....

*No to be confused with Minions of the Horde. FOR THE HORDE!!


I've found the perfect 'guard animal' to protect the entrance to my evil's so terrifying that no one would dare try to sneak past it....even my minions would be a bit terrified of it...I'll call him Alejandro.


Amanda said...

Ruby for Supreme Ruler!

Can I have a nanny and maid? :)

And also, Jim Sturgess, James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Ferrell? Oh and Russell Crowe.

And bring back Heath Ledger.

That is all.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Granted! You may have all that you request, ss long as you will allow Mr. Sturgess to sing at my court from time to time. =D
Kick ass people such as yourself shall be rewarded and given positions of great prestige in my little 'court'!

Amanda said...

Of course he can! I will have others entertain me while he is away. ;)

You are so kick ass. :)

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