Sunday, October 10, 2010

♫...Say my name, say my name...♫

Day 10- About your name 

My awesome.
Seriously, what about 'Ruby' isn't awesome?
Nothing, that's what.
I hated it when I was in kindergarten and first grade, but after that, I began to own it...fiercely.

According to most baby name books it simply means red jewel.
The Urban Dictionary definitions are definitely a lot more fun:

  • that ridiculous hot girl
  • Stunning, intellectual youth of the female origin. Always enthusiastic about both housework and socialising with the presence of alcohol. PERFECT.
  • A really pretty girl who is the envy of all her friends.
    Typical party girl. 
  • A crazy fun outgoing female that loves to have a good time and party!!! She is definitely GORGEOUS and GREAT in bed!!! And she is well known for her ASS...In addition to her good looks she has an awesome personality and she makes everything fun...but don't cross her the wrong way or you will regret it.
All true. 
However, there is an ugly side to my name. The songs. Yes, the songs. Being that all women bearing the name 'Ruby' are by their very definition awesome, there are a plethora of songs dedicated to this most rockin' name...which is flattering...but after you have 'Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town' sung AT you 5.6 trillion times by the time you are 15...well, it gets old
Here are just a few:
  • Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town by Kenny Rogers 
  • Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones
  • Ruby Soho by Rancid (The honesty to god story of my life in song form)
  • Ruby Sees All by Cake
  • Ruby Brown by Deana Carter
  • Ruby Through The Looking-Glass by Tori Amos
  • Go Down by AC/DC
  • Ruby Lee by BB King
  • Ruby Baby by The Drifters
That's just the tip of the iceburg. There are SO MANY more.

Now. My last name. LeBeau. It's not my real last name. Technically.
It's the name that I write under. One day, when I'm published, it will be under Ruby LeBeau. It's shorter and prettier than my 'real' last name.
Where did LeBeau come from? Good question, thanks for asking.
As you may know, I'm a huge comic book geek. For as long as I can remember I have had a huge, completely embarrassing now that I'm typing it, crush on Gambit from the X-Men. Gambit's real name is Remy Etienne LeBeau. 
I know what you're going to say. "But Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuby, your favorite graphic novel is Sandman, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?"
You would be correct in saying that...however...Ruby Delirium or Ruby Death sounds awesome in theory...but no. Ruby LeBeau pwns them both.


Amanda said...

How do we know you didn't put those entries in at Urban Dictionary?

And....I can't ever hear "Ruby Soho" without having massive flashbacks to Huffman High and your crazy self. In fact, I don't think I ever say
your name in my head without singing "Ruby, Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho! Not that I say your name in my head a lot. Or do I?

Ruby LeBeau said...

I'LL NEVER TELLLLLLLLLL! (No, seriously, I didn't write them. I'd have put something like: Girl with massive boobs who changes her hair color bi-weekly and seems to always be hanging out with gay men).

Guuuuurrrlll! That song! It kinda morphed and my haters/some of my crazy ass friends/my brother sometimes sings it as, "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby's a ho". Har har har. Yeah, I'mma shank the next person who does it! =D I was quite bonkers then...but you know what...YOU WERE RIGHT THERE WITH ME! =D That's why we were friends! Two crazy fabulous sassy females!

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