Sunday, October 31, 2010

♫...Life's no fun without a good scare...♫

Day 31 – A personal supernatural experience

When I was a pre-teen my family lived in Montgomery for exactly one year (we moved back to Birmingham a day or two after the one year anniversary). I was sad to move away from the friends I had made during our time there...but I was extremely happy to get away from that house.

At first glance, the house was a dream come true. My bedroom was the kind of room that young girls dream of having, and I loved it so much. It was almost the size of the master bedroom, had hardwood floors and I had my own private bath. It really was a young girl's dream. Too bad it ended up turning into a nightmare.

The entire time we lived in that house I had horrific nightmares. Every single night. My radio would go off in the middle of the night. My mother would be alone in the house and hear a ball bouncing against the wall outside the kitchen. When she would go outside to see who it was, no one would be there. The TVs in the house would turn on or off at random. There were noises in the walls and in the attic. Josh, the person I know who is the LEAST likely person on the PLANET to exaggerate anything...ever, told us later that he often saw a dark figure in the house that looked as if it was sucking in the light. The entire house gave us all the creeps. I don't think any of us slept well the entire time we were there. I was constantly freaked out and spent many nights sleeping on a pallet in my mom's sewing room, which was located just outside of their room.

It's creeping me out just thinking about it.

Those nightmares I had? All about a psycho little girl. One dream I had that I remember very vividly, even now, involved me walking through the house hearing her humming...I walked to our playroom which was this huge sun room in the back of the house. I walked through the sliding glass doors into the room and I could vaguely see her standing in the back yard humming happily...I opened the door and walked into the backyard and she was standing under this tree that we had and she had on this dress that was stained with blood and she was grinning in this extremely unsettling way ...and then giggled...that's when I saw these severed heads that were tied to the branches of the tree by their was just awful!

If Supernatural had been around back then I would have known to get some mother freakin' salt, some iron...and to find the bones and salt and burn them!



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