Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Day 14- Whatever tickles your fancy

Well, yesterday my 'fall break' began...and this is what I've done:

  • Sleep. I've been sleeping a LOT. Which is a good thing...because I've been sick and I've dedicated a lot of time to rest. Subsequently, I've been having these crazy, marathon dreams...when I wake up, to go get the cat or something, and then go back to sleep...they start back...with the same people...maybe a different environment or senereio...but always the same 'co-star'...Tuesday night it was Jeffrey Dean Morgan...last night it was Misha Collins so I am in NO WAY complaining about that...I'd have liked to dream longer!
  • Supernatural: I've been watching Supernatural. I'm on season 4. Dean. Castiel. Dean. Castiel. Dean. Castial. The pleasure center in my brain is on overload! 
  • Eating: Fooooooooooooood. I had some Spinach Alfredo pizza from Papa John's tonight and it was awesome!
  • World of Warcraft: In case you didn't know, I am a WoW addict. Tuesday the big patch that changed WoW forever went live. I've been redoing all my toons and seeing how much having to redo their talents is altering the way I play. The jury is still out. My main toon, Hecatate...her DPS is adequate...but she use to always be the highest DPS in instances...and today...she was not...which made me so sad. Plus, the game is still 'buggy' from the patch, and I'm sure it'll be a few days before all of that is worked out...problem time expires Saturday!...sigh...right now, the lag is killing me...literally...I tried to do Wintergrasp and that was a complete nightmare with the lag...on the flip side...I am enjoying my priest a lot more now...and it seems that my hunter is leveling up faster...
My 3 Favorite Toons 
I have more..a lot more.

Hecatate (aka Hec) my Level 80 Warlock and her Felhunter Minion
I wanted to name her Hecate but that name was taken.
She's now the Muack Guild Leader since Ben abdicated the throne. 

Una. My level 42 Hunter and her pet wolf Freya.
She's named after Tristran/Tristan Thorn's mom in the book/movie Stardust.

Inaria. My level 23 Priest.
I wanted to name her Inara, after Inara Serra on Firefly, but, of course, that name was taken.
I use to HATE playing my priest, but now she's a shadow priest and I LOVE it.

No...I don't just play Blood top 3 faves just happen to be Blood Elves.


Amanda said...

Yeah, I know nothing about WoW. But I did want to be obnoxious and point out my nickname recently became "Una." As in numera una. Because my younger brother is marrying a girl named Amanda. So she's Deuce and I'm Una. I came before.

Yeah....totally stupid comment. But I love reading your blog! :)

Ruby LeBeau said...

That is so much more inventive than what they did at my old job when we had two rubys. I was Ruby or Ruby Roo, and the other Ruby was Ruby Two or Ruby number two...and I always felt bad about that! You're way is much nicer and more kick ass!

I love reading YOUR get to writing girl! lol...I know, life is busy...I cheat sometimes and write several of these '90 days of me' posts in advance and schedule them at like noon for the next 3 or so days...I haven't been able to lately...and then I forget cuz I'm playing WoW so much before my time runs out...and I have to get on here at like 5 minutes to midnight and write something rushed and crazy cuz I signed up for NaBloPoMo for October...pleading to have a post a day! arg.
Okay...that was more than I meant to write....aggggggggggggggg

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