Friday, October 22, 2010

♫...Carry on my wayward son...♫

Today is not just my birthday, today is also the one year anniversary of this blog. In my first entry I wrote a good riddance note to my 20s and a sort of hopeful love letter to my 30s...ending it with a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year....and the ONLY one I managed to devote a good amount of effort to, and more or less achieve, was #8: "I will start killing Alliance members instead of running away like a scared little girl, or letting them kill me. In fact, I will actively work on my PVP skills. (I'm a total World of Warcraft nerd). " The rest of my list...well...didn't go so well! lol. That's okay though, I AM making an effort at getting into shape and eating healthy's just a work in progress. that same vein...I want to make a list of changes I would like to make in my life.

  1. Continue to change my health/eating habits...when it is financially possible, cut out all meat, dairy, and processed foods. 
  2. Get my finances in order. Pay off  debts and save money to move.
  3. Remove all negative influences from my life...this means: people who do nothing but 'take' or 'use'...people who don't add to my life in a positive way. I have people like this that I have kept in my life for years, my mother has begged and pleaded with me to just cut them out of my life...and I should listen to her...because maintaining these 'friendships' are a drain on my psyche and peace. loyalty goes a very long way with me...lack of loyalty...well, that's a dealbreaker.  Life is too short to put up with people who make fun of you behind your back, act like they are better than you, don't appreciate you, do nothing but think about themselves.
  4. Write more. I have this wonderful idea for two separate fantasy series...and I just don't have the time to write them because of school...I need to find the time.
  5. Appreciate my whining, yowling, needy cat more. 
  6. Try to be less stressed out...stress kills...and it also makes me snap at the people I love. I want to be the funny, crazy girl that I use to be...I don't want to snap at and be impatient with the people who have to live with me....Being tired and feeling hopeless and stressed makes me irritable and a holy find something that helps...
  7. Keep my room clean...all the time.
That's it...that's all I got...besides, Supernatural is coming on soon...and Dean is a Vampire! Can you say "HOT AS HELL!"...I can...the only thing that could make it even better would be if Castiel were in this episode...and shirtless...and Dean was shirtless....and pantless....and so was Cas...and hell, throw Sam in there too...ummmmmm, that's a birthday gift for the ages right there....that and SOMEONE GIVE ME A BLACK 67 CHEVY IMPALA!



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