Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♫...I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain. I'm comin' on like a hurricane...♫

I haz planz.

For this blog.

I'm not finishing the 30 Days of Letters. It was fun for about a minute and then it just got so incredibly stupid that I wanted to take an icepick to my brain...or have my teeth scraped and drilled by a dentist.
So what do I have planned? Well, despite my soul crushing load of school work, I'm going to try to write a regular post when I can (you know in between school, homework and WoW...cuz WoW comes before blogging)...AND I'm going to start a really ambitious undertaking (ha ha...yeah, okay). I'm going to do 90 DAYS OF ME! Because I know you're all just dying to find out about the twisted inner workings of my demented little brain.

I'm going to start on October 1st.

So...what's new?

I'm still in school. Surprised? Well, you should be. I freakin' hate school. I hate it because I've been there so damn long they should have already named a building after me. This is what happens when you have to work full-time and only go to school when you can, and have to take B.S. classes that you don't need so that you can be considered at least a part-time student (in order to receive financial aid) and they don't offer any of the classes you need at the times you are available/off work. /rant. It's my last year (IF I pass everything), thank every major and minor deity ever mentioned!

My psychology class is my favorite class...it is also the most difficult. In it we explore the neurobiology of motivation and emotion. Last Thursday was our first test and I stayed up ALL night studying and making sure I could label the brain and spell EVERYTHING correctly (she counts off for spelling). This test was EPIC...I'm talking the Icecrown Citadel of tests. The night before, I was sitting at my desk memorizing the notes word for word...and then repeating them back over and over...coming up with weird little phrases to help me remember how to spell the words (ACE-Tylenol-Cho, like Margaret Cho-LINE helped me spell Acetylcholine and Try-Part time-O-PHAN helped me with Tryptophan, and the BIG one,L- 3,4 Dihydroxy-PHE-New York-La La-Nine translates to L-3,4 Dihydroxyphenylalanine). This is probably why I was talking to, and laughing at myself alone in my room at one in the morning. I preserved my mental meltdown in Twitter form as it was happening...and that will probably be used to help commit me one day. I'm pretty sure I passed it though. I just hope everything was spelled correctly.

My Sociology class. Oh boy. I felt completely set adrift while working on my Research Proposal. You know I've had an idea for a paper for YEARS, and this could have been the time to write it. There are two SEC Football teams in our state: Alabama and Auburn. Football here is like...I always say religion, and that fits because people get fanatical about their religion down here too...but it's an obsession with some people. I have always said that I have been driven off the road or almost killed on the Interstate by more cars sporting support for one team than the other...in fact, I've never been almost killed by anyone driving a car with bumper stickers/flags/etc for the other team...it's always this one team and people with that W the President or Bush/Chaney stickers. SO, I've always said I was going to do some sort of research thingy where my concepts are THAT team and how their fans drive like intoxicated, pissed off Neanderthals. Sadly, I couldn't choose that...so I chose Socioeconomic Status and Obesity...which is now Socioeconomic Status and Healthy Lifestyles...or something like that. Not as exciting or controversial. I thought I loused the whole thing up, but when I got it back today I had 13 out of 15 points. Huzzah!

HOWEVER, I had a test in my Sociology class the SAME day as the Epic-Icecrown Citadel-Just walking into Mordor-7th sign of the Apocalypse-esque Psychology test. I tried to study...but there was just so much information and my brain just said, "You know what? Enough. Just leave me the hell alone, I'm DONE"...and I had to pour all my energy into Psych because 1. I can't spell to save my life and 2. She told us if we failed we may as well drop the class. I can't afford to drop the class. So Sociology suffered and I think I completely and totally FLUNKED the test. *sigh*

Math. Ever loving hell. Excuse me while I utter every single curse word I know. I hate math. I'm not doing well in math. I hate the way it is set up as well. Every Tuesday we meet in a normal classroom and we are split up into groups and we work on a problem together. I've gotten use to it. It stresses me out because I prefer to work alone, but I'm dealing. Every Thursday we meet in the lab and work on homework or the quizzes or we take a Test (I have one this coming Thursday). That's fine. However, we HAVE to take the quizzes in the Math Lab. It is password protected. This doesn't work for me...it really doesn't work for me to do my homework in there either. I do better sitting at home listening to music...than trying to do it in a room where there are people and there is talking...there is this one girl who sits near me and sighs with exaggerated annoyance at every single math problem on the tests or in the homework. I'm surprised I haven't slapped her into the cosmos by now. I took my iPod with me when I went to take a quiz yesterday and I was doing fine until this girl (wearing basically a towel) sat down beside me and started popping her gum extra loud. every. two. minutes. For everyone who says I have no patience, the fact that she is still alive is testament to the fact that I have just enough to keep me out of jail. I could hear her over my music! You all know I listen to my music and eardrum damaging decibels. What the holy, unmitigated HELL?
I like my Math teachers though. They're very nice.

In non school related news, I quit eating meat and am trying to seriously cut down on my dairy (trying to cut it out completely, but that's not going so well). I've had some slip ups when I run out of 'my' food, but it's going well. I can tell a difference in how I feel when I do slip up. It is just a personal thing that I've decided to do. It's not for everyone and I don't try to push it down anyone's throat. It's what I want, and I'm cool if you're not into it. It seems like some people in my family take it as a personal affront when I say I can't eat something because it has meat in it. I don't say 'ewwwww, meat is gross' or anything of that nature. I just state that I can't eat it because I'm trying to not eat meat. It's been really good for my PCOS. I've also been really watching what and how much I eat, and using the Wii Fit. I've been feeling a lot better.

Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
I wanted to watch some Supernatural before bed, but It's just about 11pm and I'm tired! I have lots of studying/homework to do tomorrow...and I must prepare myself for my Math Test...so someone bring me a cocktail.....



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