Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 13. A letter to something you want to kiss.

Dear Jensen Ackles's lips,

Sweet. Baby. JE-sus! You are the most luscious pair of lips that I have ever seen in my entire span of existence.  I'm not even really all that in to lips...or I wasn't until I saw I can't stop thinking about your sweet perfection. During class when I should be learning about the delicate neurochemistry of the human brain, or how to properly develop a sociological research proposal, or something that is suppose to be math but sounds like Klingon...I can only daydream of you, Jensen Ackles's lips.

I have never found myself so transfixed by a pair of lips. You're the kind of lips I could spend hours composing sonnets to. You're the kind of lips that I could dedicate a sappy love song to on a late night easy listening radio station. You're the kind of lips I would serenade outside their bedroom window by holding a 1980s boom box over my head as it plays 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel. But most importantly, you are the kind of lips I could devour for eternity (meaning: Kiss for Days).

So, whether you are smiling, smirking, frowning, or puckered, you are the most perfect pair of lips that a kind, obviously female, creator ever put on (an already fine as hell) man.

I want to nibble you,

My Proof:


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