Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 12. A letter to a mythological creature

Dear Reapers,

I am writing you today because I am confused. You see, I have been watching a LOT of Supernatural (best show ever, new season starts in, like, 16 days and there is just SO MUCH PRETTY in this show! Go-watch-it-cuz-if-it-gets-cancelled-i-will-destroy-the-earth), and well, anyway, you're pretty scary on that show, except that one time when you disguised yourself as that hot chick. Secondly, throughout the ages you've typically been described as this creepy shadowy figure in long black robes, with bony hands and carrying around that big weed wacker thing...and I just wanna say "Dude! Eat something and for the love of Pete stop lurking around like a creepy ex with gardening tools". Then there was that show Dead Like Me and Callum Blue played a reaper, and he was I totally wasn't afraid of him. And then there's that whole song...I'm sure you know the one: (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. It says it right there in the lyrics, 'don't fear the Reaper'. So which is it? Should you be feared and stay all creepy and gross looking, or should you not be feared and just go ahead and be hot? But frankly, your answer isn't really going to matter much because I'm going to believe whatever Dean Winchester says...

Get a real job,


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