Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mary McGregor finally got some sleep

FACT: Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory....even when you've had a constant sinus infection for the past 10 years....

I've been cleaning my room today.  It's not something that happens too terribly often, because:

1. No time.

2. I have too much stuff in too little space.

...but my fan died, and before my dad will fix it, I have to clean my room.

As I clean, I find stuff that I have forgotten mum loves this because it usually means that I end up giving her a bunch of stuff...anyways, I I stumbled across a little bit of of my favorite perfume, Dior Hypnotic Poison! I thought that I ran out a long time ago...and instead of buying more of it when I had the chance I bought Dior Midnight Poison, which I do NOT like as much. I was all giddy, but then I thought that maybe it had lost its I sprayed a bit on my arm.
It had NOT lost it scent, which thrilled me.
...but then it hit me like a fist between the eyes! I have all these intense memories that were tied to this scent and they all came bubbling up like bad spicy food!
It reminds me, vividly, of around August 2005 (I bought it around then) until about six months before I quit working at Standard. Now it's on me and I keep smelling it and keep remembering and thoughts of clawing my amygdala out with my bare hands keep dancing through my head! They are mostly sad/complicated memories, but there are also HORRIBLE memories that send me into a violent rage! Most of the horrible memories are tied to the lying, scheming, hell bitch that started working there Spring of '06 and all the lies she told and drama she started.

So I am alternating between being nostalgic/kinda sad and wanting to throw up.
Which is sad, because I LOVE this fragrance....I'm just going to have to make new memories with it!

But for arm looks like I'm trying to peel my skin off...from trying to get every last trace of this scent off of me!!!!



Update: August 26, 2010 2:48pm - Guess what we discussed in Psych today!? The Limbic System, olfactory  bulb, and the amygdala. She mentioned how smells are tied to memory. WEIRD!


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