Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face, expressing why you want to kick them in the face.

I know I'm behind. I've been sick, so get off my back already!

Dear Guy 'friend' who called me 'fat' behind my back,

I never had the guts to say this to your face, because I was too nice...but 'fuck you'.
I should probably have forgotten about that incident already, as it happened 2 or so years ago, but the fact that I never called you out on irks me. See, I was WAY too nice then....I'm not now. If I had to deal with your blatantly sizest, misogynistic, sexist, superficial bullshit on a daily basis now...I think I might have to find a way to 'accidently' kick you in the face. I mean, what kind of 'friend' says something like that (plus the myriad of other hurtful things that you said about me to anyone who would listen) about someone they supposedly 'care' about? You need to take a long look at yourself and understand why what you did was lower than low and why I have a genuine reason to be angry with you.


That 'fat' girl.



Amanda said...

What an asshole. Glad to see you back for a minute though!

I was mesmerized by Janice for a bit there. Then I realized I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open and...yeah.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Janice ROCKS! (c;
Good to be back. I hope not to be gone long...but school always makes me a bit...crazy.

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