Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bottoms Up To Better Days.

My very LAST year at UAB started today. Oh, please please, please if there is any fairness at all in the Universe, PLEASE let this be my last year at UAB.

So here is my day in excruciating, more than necessary, detail.

I woke up at 4am. Naturally.
Thankfully, my dad fixed the air conditioning in my car so I didn't die from heat stroke.
I was on my way to school, driving down I-65, minding my own business, and jamming out to Gogol Bordello, when this 18 wheeler/semi-truck decides out of nowhere, "HEY, I want over in that other lane, and just for fun, I'm not going to look before I change lanes! Weee! What fun!" I was NOT behind him. I was right in the middle of where his cargo/back of his big ass tuck was. So he ran me completely off the road, all the while I'm laying on my horn! Then when I'm off the road, and he's half way over, he decides 'Is that horn blaring at me?" and then he gets back in his own lane. Jackass.

I know to get to school at least an hour before class if I want a good parking space. I already knew I was going to have a good amount of walking to do, and by god I was NOT going to have to park six blocks from my classes this year. UAB better thank all that is holy that they got theparking deck back in working condition. Otherwise they were going to suffer....from a sternly worded letter from yours truly. So, I got to the parking deck an hour before my first class and was able to find a space on the 3rd level of the parking deck. By the time I had to walk to class rolled around, that thing was almost FULL. I will again, reiterate one of my biggest complaints about my school: They sell 10 times more parking passes than they have parking spaces. They built another softball field over a great deal of our former parking. UAB, you suck.

So anyway. My classes.

My first class is my very last Psychology class (my minor). It's entitled Motivation and Emotion. I had the professor for Introduction to Psychology when I was a Freshman and I thought she was the best! Now, having had a great samping of UAB's professors (the only good thing about UAB), I can say with all honesty, she IS the best. She is very difficult, but she is HILARIOUS, so that makes it worth it in my eyes. I've been wanting to take this class with her since I was in her PY101. It's going to be SO FREAKIN' HARD though.

She thought the fact that my name is Ruby and my hair is Ruby Red was cute. She said that she would be able to remember my name by looking at me. I don't know if this is good or bad yet.

My gripe about this class: UAB has put 60+ students in a room that is NOT big enough for them. People were standing.

My next class is going to be a bit difficult to get to, and is probably going to be responsible for me losing quite a bit of weight. My Psych Professor does not let us out until the last minute, and I have 15 minutes to sprint to this class (I have severe back pain too, btw). THEN I have to sprint up two flights of stairs. IT SUCKS. Anyway, it's my Sociology (my major) Capstone class, The Research Experience. We have to come up with a Research Proposal. I have a Lab for this, but it's on Mondays.

My gripe about this class: I have to think and write scientifically. Not my strongest suit.

My last class of the day...dun, dun, dun...my last MATH CLASS. I HATE Math...but I have about a 30 minute break between Sociology and this, so went and ate at the diner. My dad gave me $10 so I had me a Veggie burger and some fries and a big ole drink.

My gripe about this class: UAB has put 60+ students in an EXTREMELY small room in one of it's oldest buildings. We all thought we were suffocating. It was horrid. PLUS, this class...all they do is put us in groups of four (which is SO much fun in such a small space with students sitting and standing on the floor) and give us a problem and we are suppose to work together and solve it. NO. Just NO. How the HELL am I suppose to learn anything? I mean really, WTF?

THE BEST THING ABOUT TODAY: I wore my 'You never forget your first Doctor' tshirt (Doctor Who) and I met a few WONDERFUL Doctor Who fans. They are so diverse, yet all so fun! I love it.

I'm thinking about going and trying out for The Rocky Horror Picture Show on campus. There's a mandatory meeting at 7pm today. I just don't want to get back out in that heat....and I am going to have SO MUCH work and studying to do this semester, I don't really have time for it or to do anything else fun. Besides, I can't sing....and I'm thinking of submitting an application for the Newspaper.

Anyway...that's it...LOTS and LOTS of work this semester. I'm going to be ZERO fun. I may be very absent from my blogs and Tumblr....and my novel.

...Now...I must go take a LONG, COLD shower...and find my brother, who has probably passed out somewhere in the neighborhood after deciding he was going to go walk in 100 degree weather with humidity at like 115%...



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