Friday, July 30, 2010

You will die in seven days

I don't watch scary movies.
I just don't.
Except for Zombie Movies (but that's for survival/reference/preparedness)
My imagination is twisted and dark enough without adding any help.
Also, I live with my two brothers who are heartless sadists:
Example 1
Example 2

Last night Ben and I were standing around in the kitchen talking, and Josh was downstairs, supposedly asleep.
Ben: Do you want to watch a scary movie?
Me: No.
Ben: Aww, come on!
Me: No.
Ben: (in his best jigsaw voice) Do you wanna play a game?"

At this point, Ben gets this wide eyed look on his face that is unsettling.
I turn slightly and all I see is long, flowing, dark hair...and my first thought is creepy girl from The Ring.
I let out a slight scream and turn to see that it is just Josh lurking behind me with his hair undone.
My heart felt as if it were about to pound straight out of my chest in protest.

Then Ben manipulates me into watching Silent Hill with him. I NEVER intended to watch this movie. When the movie trailers use to come on Cartoon Network late at night...I would leave my room until they were over. So, I watched it and it was creepy but not terrifying...but Ben made sure that he kept my creep factor in high gear by constantly coming back into the living room and telling me that 'they' were gonna 'get me'. I wanted to lock him out on the back porch for the rest of the night.

Speaking of the back porch. I've mentioned that I have an irrational fear of seeing someone creeping around our back yard or on our back porch at night. Ben informed me last night that the previous night he tried to convince Josh to sneak out the garage and creep around to the back porch and scare me while I sat in the living room, by myself, in the dark, beside the back door. Thankfully, he didn't do it...but that doesn't mean he won't. This CAN NOT happen. I will seriously lose what sanity I have left. My heart will leap out of my throat and thud, dead, onto the floor. I will not recover.
So. I'm trying to bring in the big guns.
I'm not sure how much pull she still has over their sadistic, psychotic little minds though.

They've given me a nervous tick and extremely high levels of anxiety.
I need some kind of bad habit in order to take the edge off.
For now, Doctor Who and big doughnuts will have to suffice.



Amanda said...

The guy with the finger pointing in my face is really freaking me out. I sort of have that weird feeling right in between my eyebrows. Do you know which one I mean?

Anywhosits, I can't watch scary movies either! And zombie movies are also the only ones I watch! And if I lived with my 2 little brothers, they'd totally do that kind of stuff to me. God, it's like a parallel universe you're living in! lol

BTW, my husband likes to play those tricks on me. He came out of the bedroom last night and yelled "boo!" and I literally hit the air, I jumped so high. Men are cruel bastards aren't they?

Ruby LeBeau said...

I know that feeling! lol. Yeah, that picture freaks me out too...that's why I thought it was perfect for that entry!
We must live in a parallel universe or something, that's too crazy!! I'm getting fed up with my I'm thinking that turn about is fair play...seriously. Ben's scared of spiders...and I can see that working to my advantage. muahahahahahhaa!

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