Thursday, July 15, 2010

You and me could write a bad romance.

If the Death Eaters had the forethought to put Barty Crouch, Jr on their recruitment posters I, for one, would have marched my merry little butt right on into Voldemort Central and sat there with a smile as they gave me the Dark Mark. Seriously though, that tongue thing he does....hello, HOT! 

 I really think that they missed the boat on that brilliant marketing strategy. I mean, picture this on one of those nifty moving posters all over the wizarding world: that heart stoppingly gorgeous man, his leather cloak billowing in the wind, a sly smile causing his dirty little dimples to flash, and that temping tongue darting out of that mouth every so often...with GOT EVIL? underneath...followed by the locations of their Death Eater recruitment centers!! They would have had a landslide of recruits begging to join up.

Sign me up. I'm converting to the dark side...


Amanda said...

You are crazy. And ew. Sorry, but Barty doesn't do it for me. But perhaps I'm more crazy and a little more "ew" cause I did look at Radcakes' special package when that shitstorm exploded. And I was like *old* when he was still baby-faced in the first HP. Still....Radcakes' has some gorgeous....arms. :-D

(this message brought to you before i've finished my first cup of coffee)

Ruby LeBeau said...

I have a long abiding affection for David Tennant. I can't help it, he flat out makes my ovaries pop.

You're not alone with the whole Dad Rad thing though! I've been known to be a bit of a cougar at times, and I couldn't help myself! Just wish I could have seen him live and in I am quite pervy, it's one of my better traits. (c;

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