Thursday, July 29, 2010

♫...Because you know you're so hot...♫

I slept between two hot boys last night.

It was not as fun as it sounds.

By boys I mean Leonard and Sheldon.

By hot I mean they produce way too much body heat.

The first thing that you need to know about me is that I hate being hot. When I'm hot I'm miserable, and when I'm miserable, I'm cranky. It's not a great trait to have anywhere, but least of all when one is living, quite literally, in the 7th layer of hell. We have 2 weeks of winter here and the rest of the year is 'Oh. muh. GAWD. My face is melting off' hot. Which I believe throughly justifies my constant crankiness.

That being said, the second thing that you need to know about me (which relates to the first thing) is that I can NOT sleep if I'm the least bit hot. I sleep with 2 fans blowing. It use to be 3, but one died on me this winter...yes, I even have them running in the winter. I do this to produce the perfect temperature for optimal sleep...and to drown out noise. You see, I MUST sleep curled up in my queen sized velour blanket. So it has to be extra cool in my room.

So, last night Leonard and Sheldon slept with me.
In my imagination I had this blissful picture of me, curled up underneath my blanket with my sweet little puppies tucked in beside me.

In reality...sleeping between them is like sleeping between two space heaters.
Leonard constantly wants underneath and then out of the covers.
Sheldon is a bed hog. At one point he stretched out as far as he could, on his back in the middle of the bed, while I slept huddled against the headboard, clinging to a small corner of my queen sized blanket.
Leonard is going to sleep on someone at some point, no matter how that person/dog feels about it.
When you're between them you're not going to want to move because they look so cute.
They both snore. Loudly. (I can't sleep in the same room with snorers).

Long, sleepless, uncomfortable night.

...and then, this afternoon, I get yet another instance of stupidity and error from my university...I'm sure I'll get another "It was sent in error" response....*sigh*....Everyday, I hope more and more that the Zombie Apocalypse will begin (after my boots get here)...I know how it will begin...but I'll leave that story for another time.



Amanda said...

Oh hai. Hi. I live in Hell. We have no winter. And I don't care what anyone says about "dry heat." 120 is still 120. It burns your skin off, okay? I've literally had my flip flops stick to the street because it's so hot, they are melting. Yeah. Hell. So I feel your pain because I, too, have to have it cold to sleep.

And I sleep with my kids. It's not the best thing to do, but I do sleep with them. My kids are just like Leonard and Sheldon. One climbs underneath you, the other literally pushes you off the bed. And I have a king size bed. And Brent does not sleep with me cause he snores. Also, loudly.

We're like....cosmic twins or something.

Ruby LeBeau said...

I'd say I'm happy that someone feels my pain...but I'd only want someone I really don't like (like the guy friend who called me fat behind my back) to feel this kind of pain.

We do have a cosmic like connection going on here. It must be the aliens.

Amanda said...

Who called you fat behind your back?! I'ma kick some ass!!! But anyway, you know if he's gonna talk behind your back he's in the right spot to kiss your ass. lol

Aliens? Do they have green cards? Cause you know, they're not supposed to be here if they don't.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Just some guy who I use to consider my best friend. It was a couple of years ago now, but I still get bent out of shape about it. lol.

LOL. They might have 'green little men' cards, but I don't see that helping them. They'd just better hope they don't get pulled over! Flying saucer or no, they'll get sent back across the boarder.

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