Monday, June 21, 2010

Men may come and men may go.....but Pie goes on for ever.

I want to beat most of my immediate family (not Ben, Az, Z, Leonard or Sheldon) with a sock full of oranges.

I want to beat them until my arm goes numb.

Why, you might ask?

They are eating hot, homemade apple pie (made with Granny Smith apples, my FAVORITE) with vanilla ice cream....AND I CAN'T HAVE ANY.

Well, I was going to eat a SMALL piece, but my dad and Josh shamed me into abstaining. Then I went and got on the Treadmill and Bowflex for the second time today...

I also couldn't have the AMAZING garlic bread that they had with dinner tonight...

Dieting makes me MEAN...mean and homicidal.

I can't wait until I live alone...then whatever I have there for myself will seem like a matter what it is.

I want some mother freakin' apple pie, damnit!



Amanda said...

You know, I was talking about apple pie earlier....that's so weird.

It is really hard to live with people who aren't changing their eating habits. But you can do it without the homicidal maniac tendencies!

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