Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language.

Hello, Ladies and Jellybeans. Welcome, once again, to an episode of 'My Psychotic Subconscious'.  Before we delve into the dark recesses of my dreaming mind, I feel as if I must say that all of this is purely fictional and not influenced by my waking life...unless you count watching too many episodes of Weeds.

Let's begin.

In the beginning of the dream I was in a house with my family, there was a large party going on. I knew that my mother was selling weed out of the house (this is from watching too many episodes of Weeds, and is something my mother would NEVER in a million years do) and I was appalled that she would invite so many people over for a party there.  A police officer of some kind showed up for the party, in uniform, and I was panicked because I had just realized that my mother had hidden her bong in the microwave.  I knew that I had to sneak it out of the microwave and sneak it upstairs to my room (which turned out to be my bedroom from the townhouse we lived in when I was in middle school). The party was still going on, but now I was on the set of Doctor Who (again, too much TV watching) and I was talking to DT about how we needed to get out of there because 'they' were going to start firing missiles at us soon.  Sure enough, I see a missile shoot across the sky, out over this body of water that is suddenly beside us. I'm aware that the government is starting to round people up, so he and I and a bunch of other people start running. We make it to this fenced area that is locked.  This military car drives up and starts shooting at everyone, so he and I hit the ground and act like we're dead.  Then suddenly DT is gone (sadness) and I am out in the middle of the woods with my brothers. I'm trying to teach them how to skin this creature I just killed so that we can cook it. The creature looks like something out of Star Wars. We have this house in the woods and we're waiting for my parents to show up. I have a whole lot of weapons and I'm going through them and cleaning them.

I think there was something about being on a cruise ship and me freaking out because I don't like close corridors, but I can't remember exactly when it happened or why.

My dreams are always so vivid that it's hard to tell that I'm asleep sometimes, and with my dreams being so very bizarre most of the time...well, it's slightly horrific.


Amanda said...

Okay, I got a giggle out of the bong in the microwave thing.

But the government stuff? I think you lied to me about not watching Glenn Beck. lmao

Also, also! Is that the townhouse we used to hang out in and talk about vampires?

Ruby LeBeau said...

YES! That would be the same townhouse!

Mum got a kick out of the microwave thing too...since it's so out of her nature.

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