Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state...

I don't have a totally cracktastic video of the moment that I've been obsessively fact, I haven't watched much of anything or done much of anything on the Internetz lately....
...that's because I've been taking care of the PUPPIES!
Leonard and Sheldon have officially been with us for a week now...they are 7 weeks old and still so incredibly tiny. Because they are so tiny, and because they were a bit sick when we brought them home, we've been making sure that someone is with them at all times...which means that most of the week, I sat with them for 12+ hours a day...that's allowed me to get to know them quite a bit.

aka: Sheldor the Conqueror
Moon Pie
Bite Size

Sheldon hops like a bunny. When he tries to run, it turns into the cutest little hop. He likes to attack towels, and try to drag me around by my pants legs...He snores...He always looks kind of sad, but he's not...When he's tired he'll trot off to his little crate, crawl in, and go to sleep...he growls the most, it's the cutest little growl to ever grace this plane of existence or any other...he's normally growling, yelping at his brother, even when his brother isn't touching him...I caught him standing in his water bowl today while he ate...He's the more cautious of the two...He'll lick you to within an inch of your life....oh, and Sheldon likes to sleep on his BACK with his cute little tummy and paws up in the air.

aka: Cuddle Bug

Leonard is my cuddle bug. He likes to go to sleep cuddled up in your arms....and he snores almost as loud as my Mum...he doesn't like it when anyone comes near his food, especially Sheldon...he'll start his cute little growl whenever Sheldon comes near it...but often he'll sneak over to Sheldon's bowl and start eating out of it, and push Sheldon away! Thus, earning him the name Porky...well, that and he's the bigger of the two and has a cute little round tummy!...He's the more adventurous of the two....often taking off running (it's so cute) through the backyard at top speed, diving into the parts of the garden or clover that's taller than he is...and quite often diving off things...he's very inquisitive....Leonard likes to sleep ON someone, doesn't matter if it's Sheldon or one of us!

They are adorable, and so much fun to watch.
Aslan runs away from them...often making a god awful noise in the back of his throat and running backwards to escape them.
They REALLY want to follow Zander around...but Zander is having NONE of it...he's only bitten Leonard once...and it really didn't hurt him, just scared him...but he wants nothing to do with them!

My brain is fried people, this is all I can come up with to write...between the end of the Semester at school, the adorable cuteness of Leonard and Sheldon, and the endless days of doggy sitting...I'm just tapped dry...


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