Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Procrastination Looks Like...

I made dinner tonight. No one else was going to...and it was 7 o'clock already. Mum is sick and shouldn't go without eating just because her three children are too lazy to make dinner...and I thought Dad was out of I made dinner.

I can hear most of you gasping in know me so well.

I made Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread and fried artichokes.
If any of us end up in the ER tonight...It was 100% an accident.

I don't find joy in baking. I'd rather be sitting in front of my computer working on my novels...I find joy in extracting vengeance via the written word by having zombies attack the boy who played with my heart, and then have them eat his face off  (Hopefully on bookshelves sometime this lifetime).

Plus, I burned my hand while cooking. It's rare that I don't burn myself in SOME way when I cook...but this time I stuck my hand in boiling water and burned half of it. *sigh* long story of stupidity that I don't feel like explaining. Suffice is to say...I shouldn't be allowed near the kitchen. So sorry that I've failed my dear mother in every avenue that is stereotypically "female". Good thing she doesn't really care about things like that. Neither do I. I am. 55 math problems and 2 quizzes left to finish before midnight CST. I DON'T WANT TO DO IT! I am so TIRED of school. I've been doing nothing but homework and studying for weeks. I can't work up the effort I need to finish tonight's assignments!!

Now I'm going to procrastinate further by watching Lady Gaga's new, hold on a min...I'll be right back...because you know I'll want to waste time FURTHER by gushing about how much I love her...okay, back...loved it...LOVE her. *gush, gush, gush*

I'm in a mood. Which is surprising because I had some really fanTABulous dreams last night starring Christoph Waltz...well, okay, one woke me up almost screaming after a really freaky little girl tried to kill me...and she stabbed me right in the chest before I woke up. That hurt like hell. Mean, mean, evil little girl. I think she was my spirit animal or something....but back to Christoph. He has successfully broken me of my 'younger men' habit...sure he's old enough to have spawned me, who CARES, he's hot...and he speaks four languages, very very hot and spicy. For untold years I've only been attracted to younger men, and now...I am not. It's not just Christoph. No, it's been slowly happening and then kinda hit me like a 2x4 right between the eyes suddenly. I want an older MAN!

I'm babbling. Going to stop now. Gonna TRY and make myself work on my math. No promises.

P.S. Okay, okay...there are still a few younger guys who still tickle my fancy...Henry Cavill for instance...I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, that's for sure.


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