Friday, March 19, 2010

Formspring Question: What do you think the reason is why there isn't more 'lady' types that read comic books?

First, let me apologize for not answering sooner. I am terribly lazy about checking my formspring sometimes.
I can only answer from my experience with my female friends that do not read comic books. They seem to see comic books as in the 'boy realm', you know the whole sad 'gender role' thing where girls play with dolls and boys get to read comic books. It's sad.
Some just assume that comic books are 'childish' and that they would have absolutely no interest in them. These lady friends I actively beat over the head with The Sandman Graphic Novels by Neil Gaiman until they give in to my superior reasoning abilities (i.e. badgering them to death). I like to use Neil as a gateway drug. He has not failed me yet.
I only have one other girl friend that appreciates comics the way I do and she is utterly amazing. I think women/girls are missing out on a MAJOR source of enjoyment by assuming, without giving them a chance, that they would not enjoy comic books and that they are better left to the guys...

There's no excuse! =D


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