Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I weep for humanity.

"...you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores." ~ Mean Girls

I am...to put it simply...extremely pissed off. When I am this angry about something I find it hard to be as articulate and precise as I would like to be. Meaning, I find it hard to effectively communicate what exactly has made my anger swell to the point of madness and why said idiocy has turned me from Strawberry Shortcake into the unflinching goddess of unending wrath!
....however, I am going to TRY to put into words the outrage I am currently feeling towards Facebook and the idiocy that I have stumbled across there.

I have basically written the crux of the problem (very inarticulately and straight to the point, as I am forced to do when alive with unmitigated fury) on my Tumblr Page. Please read.

Now. I have been contacting Facebook about this page for over a week. Many of my friends, both male and female, have been reporting the page and the pictures as well.

The only thing that has changed is that some of the pictures have been removed. There were two pictures up that featured a nude, CLEARLY underage female that I reported and they were removed several days later. There are no longer nude pictures on the site, but there are PLENTY of pictures submitted daily without the knowledge of the people in the photos. I am clearly no lawyer and I know very little about the law, but part of me thinks that if these individuals knew that they were featured on a website dedicated to 'slut-shaming' they might have some kind of defamation case.

I am astounded at the fact that this 'fan page' is allowed to continue...but what I'm even more blown away by, and deeply saddened by, is that the majority of the people doing the shaming and posting the pictures and defending the website are FEMALE. I have never understood the need of some females to tear down each other....we face enough obstacles as women without added humiliation at the hands of our 'sisters'. The word slut should be banned from our language. It's a word used to control us, to make us feel dirty and ashamed. It's a word that has been used to control female sexuality and thus control us. A very good article by Laura Anne Stuart, MPH put it perfectly (and I am now in love with her due to this article),
"The "slut" label is still used by our society to keep women's sexuality in check-any woman who looks like she enjoys sex or is in control of her sexuality can be slapped with this label."
 This 'fan page' now has over a million 'fans' and it is incredibly disheartening. What's even more disheartening is the defense of this page...I am truly grieved by the young women who are defending it and perpetuating this 'slut-shaming' by saying that the victims of the page DESERVE to have their names and pictures placed here. They defend the site saying that the victims 'ask for it' due to their behavior (whatever they deem slutty). The people who have publicly spoken out against this page (in the discussions and reviews) have been attacked, told they are wrong, and even told that it is not their job to criticize what goes on on the fan page (which seems hypocritical seeing as how the page is basically founded on criticizing the behavior of others).

This page is cyber bullying, plain and simple. It needs to stop. The photos and names of these men and women need to be removed immediately. People need to realize that this is WRONG, that it is NOT okay to do something like this...that it is NOT okay to dehumanize people and it is NOT anyone's place to judge, condemn or shame ANYONE.

I told you I find it hard to be articulate or arrange my thoughts when I'm this irate...but I think the general idea has been conveyed. Please, contact Facebook...contact ANYONE who can have this page banned.


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